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This experience can easily be reproduced, all you need is distillied water, ice cube molds, a freezer and a few orgone devise. freeze an ice cube mold with nothing on top of the freezer, observe the result then repeat with some hhg on top of the freezer and notice the difference. More information below.


See Dr Emoto. study about the influence of though on water


Visible Effects of Etheric Energy


by cbswork, May 11, 2004

It's all well and good to be able to claim that etheric energy exists and permeates every aspect of all that exists on this, the physical plane. But claims mean nothing, when they are not backed by substantive data and demonstrable field experiments.

More than permeating all matter, orgone is the energetic foundation of matter. Being so, it can and does, pass through all matter, in varying degrees, either breaking that material down (negatively polarized orgone, or DOR) or vivifying it. With energy, there is no stasis. It affects and is affected by everything that comes into contact with it.

We know etheric energy can be "created" by the manipulation of matter, simply by bringing three elements together: a quartz crystal, organic and inorganic matter. This "as above, so below" reality of existence works both ways.

Orgone influences matter, depending upon the frequency, density, and compositional structure of that matter. To demonstrate this, let's look at the following experiments.

Ice Stalagmites

One of the more fascinating and interesting tests of etheric energy is watching its very distinct effect upon water; namely, ice crystals. Water, being liquid energy vibrating at a higher frequency than solids, reflects the above statement that energy affects matter, regardless of its grade on the physical plane: solid, liquid, or gaseous. To demonstrate the effect of etheric energy upon matter - specifically, water - we can try the following experiment and make some very interesting ice crystals. (pic of elements needed: hhg, small glass bowl or ice tray, a cup of distilled water. Someone with a digital camera needs to shoot this at 1200 dpi) To do this experiment, we need the following: 1. A cup of pure, distilled water, 2. A small, glass bowl or ice tray, 3. A freezer, to freeze the water. 4. Any HHG or TB.

Place the orgone device (HHG) on the top of the freezer, on the outside. Pour a small amount of water into the bowl, about an inch deep is enough, and place it into the freezer. When doing so, and to make sure your experiment is successful, isolate the bowl or tray away from any foodstuffs. Varying poisonous elements in processed foods and especially meats tends to dull down the frequency of orgone, acting as a local inhibitor to etheric energy.

After about an hour or so, take out the bowl or tray and observe the stalagmites that have formed.


You can break off these gems and place them under your tongue for an energetic boost. Another fascinating aspect of these stalagmites is their resemblance to the crystals that are in the orgone device used on the top of the freezer.

If you have a magnifying glass handy, these structures, inclusions, and other elements that appear in these spikes are usually beyond words in amazing detail, very often reflecting the catalytic agent of an etheric energy generator,

The Main Crystal.

If the crystals used are Lemurian seed crystals, the stalagmites will generally be quite long in comparison to standard quartz crystals, which typically generate spikes around a half-inch in length. Rose quartz tends to propagate a multitude of spikes, though we do not as yet know why this is.

What this simple experiment does is reveal to us the permeating nature of orgone (the force?) and its ability to transcend obstacles such as metal, paint, electrical wiring, Freon, insulation, plastic, and glass. Etheric energy may be impeded by these elements - they absorb part of the energy wave as it passes through - but they won't be stopped. The above makes sense when we realize that all matter is energy, and vice versa. Energy that interacts with yet another form of energy that is more condensed, thereby lowering its frequency, doesn't change the fact that this exchange does take place. The energy wave vivifies the matter it passes through - animal, vegetable, and mineral - and is colored, in turn, by this matter.

We know this because we have experimented - future articles to be sure - with various add-on elements which often affect the flow, shape, and range of the energy forms. For example, adding kyanite - a non-quartz mineral element, affects the frequency of etheric energy, shifting it upward on the diatonic scale, from F-sharp (plain quartz) to C. This mutual effect between energy and matter is one of the more fascinating aspects of working with etheric energy devices. Without question, a great deal more research is needed, and is ongoing.

Have fun with this experiment! Be sure to have a camera ready, as these ice spikes evaporate within seconds of removal from the freezer. Our research into this phenomena, so far, has revealed that these stalagmites don't melt back down onto the ice cube itself, but rather, they dissipate into the atmosphere, creating an indigo balloon, very small, of highly charge H20, mixed with Argon, Nitrogen, and Oxygen.



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