Visible effect of Orgone generator on garden



Here is an experiment which was carried out last summer with the assistance of my aunt. Each garden, planted symmetrically;

-6 Italian tomato seedlings (roma)

-2 seedlings of ' ' gherkins ''

-1 seedling of regular cucumber

-1 yellow seedling of zucchini

the reason for which the garden of right-hand side is twice larger is than the field of ionization of a normal hhg is 15 feet in diametre. It is the most direct action of those generator. However, a hhg will purify energies in a radius of two kilometers and more.


Front left = normal cucomber 1 plant

In the front, middle at left= gherkins 1plant

center and in the back= tomato 6 plant

back left= zucchinis 1 plan

The June 7 the 2004-

Beginning, no difference since the day it was planted -


The June 14, 2004


One week later, No remarkable difference the plastic bags are used to keep away the deers

The July 15 2004

One month and a week after planting,

the garden on the left produced some deformed cucumbers not represented on the photograph .


' '

Now, you can really see a difference between the plants in the gardens on the right-hand side, they are greener, produce more flowers (thus more vegetables) and the vegetables look better.

The garden on the left produces a small amount of regular cucumbers and those which grown there are often deformed (,), a little in the form of comma the seedlings of the gherkins are allready strating to dies, in the left garden.

For now, it seems to produced more tomatos (they are still green) in the seedlings of the garden of right-hand side, although the tomatos of the two gardens seem to mature with the same speed. It is quite a bad year for the zucchinis (not dry enough) one nevertheless sees a difference in the color of the leaves (greener in the garden of right-hand side).

The basket in the photographs of the Right-hand side (Above) shows some specimens of the garden of right-hand side (of cucumber ' ' burpless") which are usually collected at 8 -10 inches, reached at least 12-14 inches!

This photograph is the best one to make a symmetrical comparison.


The 6 august 2004

The 12 august 2004

The 18 august 2004


The 27 august 2004

the 28 Sebtember 2004


Many thanks to Nicole for taking the time to write down her observations and for taking pictures.

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