Visible effect of orgone on the atmosphere


Any orgone devise as certain effect on the atmosphere. The chembuster act like any other orgone devise exept that it is specifically designed to act on the atmosphere and to filter it of its Dor, this is why the copper pipes, they are used to project the energy of orgone.


See the tutorial page for more information on the CB


Picture talk for themself...


Microclimate of the Chem-buster by Philipe

Picture taken with 15 minutes of interval at the top of the Cb after deploying it

4 point of view of the CB



Picture from various collaborator

(click on the pictures to see it full size)



Here is the effect the Cloud-buster has on a stagnant cloudy mass concentrated in Dor, notice that this Cb is a reduce model of 2 pipes.


Here are two pictures that I took on November 6, 2004. After the rain the sky as strongly released on the top of my house but not really at the horizon as the second photograph testifies, note that I did not squat myself above my Cb so that one sees it on the photograph, it is rather difficult to make it where it located.
Sky at the horizon
At the top of the Cb



Here's Don Croft's CB creating a blue hole while being aimed into the wind to stop it. Picture from Ryan McGinty


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