Visible effect of orgone on the behavior of animals and insects


Animal and insects seems pretty attracted to orgone generator. On gifting runs I often see lot of bird flying pretty close from me, there is a lot of people on the boards reporting the same phenomena event some report to she really rare bird come close to there home full of orgone.

This section is created to archive picture evidence of such phenomena


Here a picture of a moose how is pretty close from a cloud buster, normally such animal dont come this close to human habitation unless they are starving and they dont have anything to eat in the forest. It is also great to note that the Cb is located on agriculture farm picture was taken


Grasshoppers attracted on the top of a chembuster



Insect on a chembuster pipe.


Another one from Philipe


It came at my home this morning, he moved towards the chembuster, stopped there a few moments and he sniffed a little bit. Then he have leave quietly.






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