Visible effect of orgone generator on germinated seeds



Sample B: Is exposed to a orgone generator of average size known under the name of holy hand grenade during the experience.


Sample B: Sample without orgone devise in a radius of 15 feet, but under the same conditions of darkness as the sample A.


The test consists in taking a weight of 20 grams of the same seeds in each of the pots as shows it the following picture.









With the same amount of soaking water of 200 grams in the two samples



The two sample side by side

After eight hours to soak the seeds and the usual sixteen hours of growth right before the rinsing, here the first reading


Sample A 54 grams

Sample B 49 grams

A difference of 5 grams


24 hour after the first reading and right before the rinsing


Sample A: +9g=64g


Sample B: +4g=53g

We have a difference of 11 Grams between the two samples.

24 hour after the last reading, before the rinsing.

Sample A: +15g=79g


Sample B: + 4g=57g





What is interesting, it is that the germinated seeds do not need sun, and requires only 5 minutes per day of attention for rince them...

No, I did not pay more attention to sample A than with B and if you have any form of doubt, I invite you to reproduce this test which is very simple.


To be continue...



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