General orgonite construction tips



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1. The size of the metal shavings doesn't matter. If the shavings are small, make sure the resin is soaking down to the bottom of whatever mold you are using. Pour slowly and in stages so the resin has time to soak in.

2. Shavings with oil on them can be used. The oil will heat up as the resin cures, however and may even sizzle and pop.

3. All orgonite devices heat up as the resin cures. This is normal.

4. Generally, any kind of metal can be used. Steel, brass, aluminum, copper, etc.

5. Wear gloves and a $40-style respirator when pouring. It just won't do to save the world and kill your liver with resin fumes. Make sure your pouring area is well-ventilated!

6. Do not mix the catalyst with the resin until you are ready to pour. You only have about 15 minutes until the catalyzed resin hardens.

7. If you can, use a long table and cover it with cardboard. When the cardboard gets too messed up with dried resin, metal pieces and paint, just replace it.

8. Use a plastic tarp under the table. Resin spills will dry and can easily be scraped off the plastic.

9. From Lena: I use a plastic pitcher [for pouring resin] that is soft plastic that bends a bit. After it builds up and I have a nice layer of hardened resin in it I just give it a good whack with a hammer and this resin pitcher falls out. Sometimes it doesn't come out all in one piece but it seems to work for me. [I use a two-quart pitcher so I can pour a lot of tb's at once. - Dooney]

10. Get all your materials ready before you pour. Quartz chips are in the muffin mold, metal shavings are nearby or in the mold already, copper coils are made, etc. Put your various crystals and orgonite additives in paper cups so they are easily accessible while you are pouring.

11. Don't overfill the mold. It makes it harder to get the TB or HHG out after it's hard.

Some more tips from Peter ("gentle"):

1. You might consider having an extra dixie cup around with some metal shavings just in case you have excess resin after the molds are filled.

2. Keep any curious beings like pets, children or husbands away from the area until the little muffins are cured.

3. Don't take them inside until they are not stinky anymore. This can take up to a week.

4. In the unlikely event that you do get some sticky stuff where you don't want it, nail polish remover helps take it off.

By Dooney from Warriormatrix

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