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The purpose of this Web site is to show visible and concrete evidence that orgone generator as described on this site filter negative energy in positive energy.

Although a minority of people can see subtle energies everyone can see "chemtrails" disappearing, dry areas know a soft increase in precipitations and vegetation growth with a great vitality in its garden in the presence of the generators of orgone.

Hundreds of individuals everywhere throughout the world already observed and testified the positive effects of the orgonite.

What is orgonite?

We have gathered the experiments that we and some other people have made during the two last years with the orgone;

Visible effect of orgone

If you have doubts that orgone generator can filter ambient negative energy in positive. We advise you to produce or to get orgonite so you can reproduce those tests described here, it is guaranteed that you will have similar results.

Orgone generator Tutorial

We have a crystal and energy stone shop so that you can, create yourself orgonite. We also offer there orgone generator. This helps us to support our site, to continue our experiments and do gifting.


Most of the people working with these devise use the practical aspect of orgone to eradicate the macroparasites in optics to improve the quality of human life being.

By spreading orgonite in your neighbourhood you help decrease in a drastic way the negative energy emitted on all forms. It is there that come the term gifting which means to give orgonite to the earth to neutralized the sources of negative energy. To understand better how this community of people who make an effort to improve the life we suggest you to visit our section of Internet links, you will find there several sites speaking in detail about orgonite and gifting.

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