-Chemtrails -


Here is some information concerning chemical trails left by planes that you see very often in the sky.

You will find hundreds of sites on that subjet. Many give misinformation others gives the facts.


Here are the best sites that we found

www.ethericfire.com/pictures/COD/CODdsl.rm , The film cloud of death in compressed format of 14 Mb





New satellite image that comes from here, any questions?

January 12 2005: New picture form JackyBoy, we see the chemical soup spreading with the wind, from a freshly spread chemtrail. By looking at the color of the sky you can notice that it wasn't the first one of the day.



come from here


I don't believe that it is usual to maintain such a short distance between two big planes. They don't do contrail because they are too low, which shows that when they spread a trail, it is not a contrail.

Again two planes that are very close together. If this was a contrail, the lenght of the trail should be similar, now there is nothing

Here are some polymer fibers left on the ground at the spring thaw, physical proof of the existence of chemtrails. I have picked and kept a sample of that "foam". In one word: Discusting

Thanks to Philipe for his pictures